About Me And my Blog

Nearly five years ago I married my truly loving husband, Ricardo, in the Mount Timpanogos Mormon (LDS) Temple–one of the best days of my life, and a day I had looked forward to for my entire life. Almost 2 years ago my husband told me he was leaving the Mormon church for good. That moment transformed the entire course of my life. I know there are harder things to go through in life–nobody died–but something died, something beautiful to me. And the last two years have been an array of emotions from resentment, to curiosity, to anger, to a new type of joy, mixed with a heavy does of cognitive dissonance, make that a steady diet of cognitive dissonance. This blog is the result of all of that, and more. We also had a son, Andrew, eight months ago. He is the most miraculous (snap, a religiously charged word I would never use in my home), sweet, beautiful thing to me, and I am lucky enough to spend my days (and still too much of my nights) with him :)   My life is wonderful, but, in some ways, complicated now. This blog is my effort to document, discuss, and deal with all of that and reach out to others who desire to understand me and people like me, and reach out to those other people like me :)


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