My Life

What would My Life–in capitals–look like? The life that is most me, the life I would most choose, the life I’d want engraved in a gravestone or splashed on the pages of a journal passed down to coming generations?

My Life would have family, mountains, fingers in the rivers as the water trickles over them, barefoot walks in sand and soft grass, My life would have nursing babies, exploring every tree, rock, and flower with toddlers, late night, emotional talks with teenagers, and hugs and kisses from grown kids. It would be rocking in the rocking chair next to my chosen companion. It would be thousands of Sunsets stitched together with hikes, cuddles, and laughs. It would gazing in awe at the scenes around me.

My Life would be burning red-hot passionate nights where the world around you ceases to exist as you are consumed by That One person. It would be love so intense and stable that life would seem to stop without it. It would be romance, long walks on the beach, sunset over the city, the ocean, the mountains in the arms of the person you hold dearest to your heart.

My Life would be days and years spent next to loved ones. It would be a deep inner calm from knowing there is something bigger than you and something better still ahead. It would be embracing the every moment all at the same time and not missing the red wings of a jay as it flies merrily on it’s way.

I’d let go of busy.

I’d let go of stressed.

I’d let go of getting by and hurrying by, and passing by, and I’d stop, and see, and touch, and love.

My life would be making a difference in other lives. My life would be leaving this life knowing my loved ones, my parents, siblings, husband, children, and closest friends knew undoubtedly their value to me.

Purpose. To live with purpose, not random wandering about a strange land. Connectedness, not isolation. Real-ness, not put-on. To be me. To see me when I look in the mirror.

To experience, to live, not in fear, but centered, open, honest, in-touch–with myself, with the earth, with the pulse of the people around me.

My life would be to be in touch with the people I would instantly give up my life for. To actually touch them, and to make a difference to them and for them, and to let them change the coarseness of me into soft smoothness again.

After all, My Life is best lived in the arms of those who make it worth living.

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