Stroke Timeline

Here is a timeline of this year.

Dec 17- Ricardo’s stroke
Didn’t know if Ricardo would survive
Likely he would never leave a vegetative state
No control over body movements
In an induced coma
Unsure if Ricardo was mentally there still
Living moment to moment, trying to keep his ICP, blood pressure, and body temperature under control
Induced coma, often induced paralysis nearly constantly to keep him calm

Dec 18-
Ricardo squeezes Alicia’s hand

Dec 19-
Ricardo begins squeezing nurse’s hand on command at times. He’s still in there!

Last week of December-
Ricardo has regained enough muscle coordination to scratch his face with his left hand
Right side may be paralyzed
Body temperature begins to drop below 104 degrees
EVD brain drain is removed. Ricardo doesn’t need a shunt!

First week of January-
Ricardo gets a tracheostomy and is able to be awake more.
Starts to move his right side again.
Begins to sit up with a lot of support.
Facial expressions consistent with his normal personality.
Starts answering a few questions with head nods. Knows some facts still.

Middle of January-
Leaves the ICU and goes to intermediate care
Awake more. Interacting more.
Has no memory of events or people prior to stroke.
Begins relearning activities starting with brushing teeth and hair.

End of January-
Moves to Rehab Hospital
Stands with assistance
Memories beginning to come back

Sees Andrew for first time
Gets trach tube out and speaks for the first time!
Has moderate to sever aphasia. Has difficulty naming basic objects. Speaks very slowly.
Starts to walk and climb stairs!
Begins writing.
Comes home!

Starts out patient rehab
Able to pick up Andrew
Can do very basic math

Walks normally
Beginning to remember his appointments day to day and the most important things
Remembers his wedding day for the first time

Angiogram confirms the AVM is gone!
A doctor shakes Ricardo’s hand and tells him he wants to be able to tell his children he met Ricardo.

Can initiate basic tasks on his own like eating and drinking
Begins helping care for Andrew
Finishes physical and occupational therapy
Speaks at a normal pace. Remembers common vocabulary. Aphasia is down graded to mild to moderate.
Expressive communication still very difficult

Flies alone to Mexico!
Memory, speech, and cognitive abilities continue to improve

Begins caring for Andrew alone while Alicia works

Is able to communicate some of his thoughts
Able to tell people he had a stroke and explain what he did for work–expressive communication is improving


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