The Humanity in Humans

The silver lining in all this mess that has been Ricardo’s current internment in an ICU is the goodness I have been privileged to see in humanity.

Ricardo and I moved East, far from either my family or his, about 9 months ago. 9 months is long enough that he had really great friends at work, but not long enough that I knew very many people (since I really only see other people walking the dogs and attending church).

Then this happens, and I very much have needed help, and a lot of it!

And you know, we have not lacked for support for one second.

Members of my ward/church watched Andrew for 9 days–that’s a long time to watch a 1 year old. They have called and texted, brought meals, cleaned my apartment for me.

My neighbor walked my dogs and folded my laundry while I was home briefly to pack a bag for the hospital but I didn’t want to be alone, and she patiently listened to me cry. Another friend in my neighborhood brought dinner and has called an texted me.

Ricardo’s coworkers have offered support. They picked up his family from two different airports, in the middle of the night, and let us shower at their house for 3 days since it was closer to the hospital and we didn’t want to be gone very long.

People have come and prayed with us and offered blessings of comfort.My bishop has been a tremendous support and truly empathized with my pain.

Members of both my family and Ricardo’s family are offering to help out, even to fly here to help me during this difficult time. My mother has come to help me for as long as maybe a month. Ricardo’s family has been a source of tremendous comfort to me, despite their own suffering.

People from as far away as Mexico and Panama have e-mailed, called, prayed, and offered financial support. People from an online facebook group we belong to have driven to our house and brought us food and donated money to us.

Family, friends, and strangers have offered their condolences, their faith, and their hope for a bright future ahead. People have shared in our joys and in our sorrows.

Literally thousands of people have surrounded us and offered us a buffer of comfort and support from the harshness of this situation. The kindness and generosity of people, even people who really have no reason to care, has brought me to tears on more than one occasion. I just couldn’t have done this without all the support, and I haven’t had to. I’ve never felt so much love.

It’s a miracle. It is so beautiful and good.

And I am so so so grateful to every last person who has been a part of this service to me and my family, from near or far. If you are reading this, thank you.

And if you still want to help, know that it is appreciated 🙂

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One Response to The Humanity in Humans

  1. Jennifer says:

    oh Alicia. Thanks for these tender postings. It’s so hard to read about these things. Just at the moment I really badly wanted life to go in wonderful and amazing directions for you, this happened–something that had us all in tears, but must have been inconceivable to you. I will cherish this precious life more because of what you’ve written. Love to you all.

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