Andrew a walkin’

By the way, Andrew is adorable. He is walking now. It is cute cute cute! He has started saying “mama” sometimes again. Man I love that kid. I honestly just soak up my time with him.

He hates having his diaper changed and so he tries to escape always now. It’s adorable seeing his naked little person run away from me, haha. The other day he got away and went and sprawled out on a pile of pillows on Ricardo’s side of the bed (this was before the hosptial). It just looked so funny and yet so grown up and yet comfortable–anyway, it was all personality and it made me laugh.

He loves to make people laugh.

Just love that kid!

He’s been a really good sport through all this hard time. He’s being strong too. I feel bad for making him suffer. He’s grown up a lot in the last couple months, especially the last couple weeks. I guess we all have. It’s both exciting and hard to watch him turn into a little kid though. Sometimes I just want to snuggle my baby and he pushes me away because he’s too big to be snuggled all the time.

But I still get my moments. And his hugs are priceless 🙂 I’m trying to treasure every moment, especially now that I spend so much time at the hospital. Quality, I’ve got to make it quality time. I’m stretched a little thinner these days, but I sure hope he can still feel my love. And hopefully, in the back of his little, growing mind, he can maybe feel Ricardo’s too. I know Ricardo loves him so much. Nothing tears him up faster than when I talk about his little Mr.

Oh Andrew, I love you baby boy. My world is so much better with you in it. Sorry momma is so busy right now.

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