Life’s Just a Little Better in the Fall :)

fall pic

Haha, I’m listening to soccer in the background, contemplating life to the sound of “gooooooooooooooool [breath] gooooooooooooooool [breath] goooooooooo….[and 30 seconds later, literally]…gol!” Gotta love the passion involved in soccer πŸ™‚ Go Mexico and U.S. (they’re not playing each other so I suppose I can cheer for both ;))

I was on a very beautiful walk today. Gold, red, peach, and brown leaves dotted the trees and scattered the trail. The last few cicadas and crickets, still hanging onto the summer, were chirping (or whatever cicada’s do…more like opera singing if you ask me). It was very peaceful. I really enjoy nature. I started thinking about how, when I was maybe 8 or 9, I used to sit on this hill in my backyard with my dog Royal and watch the sunset. The joy I felt watching the sunset there was something really profound for me. I was remembering this joy and peace and feeling a similar joy in the beauty of fall and pumpkins around me. It got me thinking. Nature is a place I think I could call sacred; it feels sacred to me sometimes.

There are moments the bugs really irritate me…I won’t lie, but when I get past that, nature is really amazing to me! I especially love hiking. I swear that every time I pass this undefined threshold where you can look down and the houses look like they belong in a monopoly game they look so small, I swear at that moment my perspective always changes. The complicated things in life seem less complicated. The good things in life seem bigger. I used to feel like the higher I got in the mountains the more “eternal” my perspective became. I suppose the mountains and hills have always been a temple of sorts to me, and, in fact, I have spent many an hour communing with God in the various mountains and hills near the places I have lived. I didn’t exactly commune with God today, but I did feel a peace I have desired, and I was grateful for that. But you know, days like today, I remember just how good my life is πŸ™‚ And it’s good to remember.

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