My Faith At the Moment

Okay, so my faith is an ever evolving beast at the moment–I want to be clear about that–but here’s a summary of what my beliefs look like at the moment.

Things I no longer believe:

  1. The prophet speaks Gods will, word for word
  2. Joseph Smith, Brigham Young, and pretty much any prophet (there may be a couple exceptions) were/are extraordinarily awesome
  3. That the LDS church is right about most, maybe almost all, things

Things I think are unlikely:

  1. The Mormon church has significantly more truth than any other church or any person that doesn’t go to church
  2. The Book of Abraham and the Book of Mormon are historically accurate

Things I have some hope about, to the point I will say I believe, even if at times I think they are unlikely :):

  1. God exists
  2. God has a plan for us
  3. There is life after this where we get to be with our families and with a loving God(s)
  4. There is something important in the LDS church/ ordinances
  5. Jesus Christ existed and had a special role in this world
  6. Maybe that Jesus was resurrected–not sure about that yet
  7. There is something special and sacred about the temple
  8. Prophets are called of God and inspired to lead his church (but are still human, make mistakes, and also sometimes say things that are wrong)
  9. God guides us to make right choices
  10. BoM, BoA, other Mormon scriptures and the Bible too, for that matter, are inspired by God, but not word for word true

There’s kind of a rough outline that obviously does not talk about all Mormon beliefs.


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