Las Mañanitas

We just got back from Mexico, where Ricardo’s parents live. It was a really nice trip, and so good to see everyone and be together. At first we were pretty bummed because we had planned to spend half the time in Acapulco, and we just happened to be there right as two hurricanes slammed Mexico’s costs and devastated Acapulco. Around 80 people have died in Acapulco in the flooding, which is so tragic. After realizing just how terrible the flooding was, I was just relieved that we didn’t get to Acapulco and then get stuck there without sufficient food and water in the middle of flood waters. That would have been a crazy and scary vacation!

As it was, we had a very relaxing and enjoyable time at Ricardo’s parents’ home. I have to confess that I do enjoy the royal treatment they give us every time we go–homemade Mexican food, eating out at nice restaurants, washed clothes folded and put back into our room. The service even came complete with Grandpa and Grandma babysitting services most mornings while mom and dad (me and Ricardo) slept in (which was extra nice since andrew was waking up about 7 times a night the whole trip). Ricardo’s parents are great grandparents! His dad spent hours playing on the floor with Andrew! It was nice to be able to give them some time with our son. I know it is hard on them that we live so far away and they rarely get to see him.

My Spanish is definitely not as good as it once was. That was a little bit frustrating, but it just means I need to make time to practice!

One of my favorite things was celebrating my birthday there. We went to a traditional Mexican restaurant and I ate stuffed chile peppers. They were good but I had to down about a gallon of liquid to quench the fire in my mouth 🙂 His dad told the mariachi band that it was my birthday and they did the most gorgeous rendition of “Las Mañanitas”, the Mexican birthday song. It was a moment to remember! His mother bought me a box that was hand carved and painted with tiny pieces of shell. It is a beautiful momentum of a beautiful day 🙂

The highlights of the trip were my birthday celebration, watching his dad chase Andrew around their house, visiting their friends in a neighboring city, listening to Ricardo and his mom cracking up with laughter while we were driving and sitting around their table at night, and just spending time with family. To top it all, Andrew and I got a whole 9 days with Ricardo! It was a wonderful vacation, with great people, in a very special place. ¡Viva Mexico!

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