The Ordination of Women in the Mormon Church

I’ll just come out and say it. I’m confident that some day headlines will read, “LDS Church announces the ordination of women.” Won’t that be great?

Yes, I think women should have the priesthood (or possibly, just be allowed to exercise the priesthood some argue women already have after they have gone through the temple). What is the problem with that? I don’t see one, and I doubt there really is one. The church just needs more time to reach this conclusion. More than time, the church needs more people who want it because they realize it would benefit both women and the church as a whole. Once the members want it, I am guessing the leaders will see the need for it too, and we may just have a revelation much like the revelation allowing black men to have the priesthood. This is what I wanted to say at church.

This is what I actually said: nothing. I guess I’m still trying to figure out how to have a different opinion, and express it, without being too offensive. I think I’m still too frustrated inside about so many things in the church to understand that fine line, so I just didn’t say anything at church. Someday I will.

There are LOTS of great reasons to give women the priesthood. This article is a great one for addressing some of those reasons:

Please read this article! For me personally, it is hard to hear women talk about how wonderful it is to have the priesthood in their home, and realize that I now sit on the side of the fence with people who have to miss out on that blessing.

It’s true I still have conflicted feelings about all things Mormon. It’s true that I’m not really sure if I do believe in the priesthood power. But what I do know is that whether the priesthood power is real or not, all members of the church would benefit by serving equally in the church they love. And all members would benefit from increased equality in that church.

And the day women do receive the priesthood and can hold any office in the church, will be a good day for everyone.

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6 Responses to The Ordination of Women in the Mormon Church

  1. Brooke Wilson says:

    amen sista! I completely agree. Well written

  2. Chelsea says:


  3. I agree that *if* the priesthood is more than pompous elitist windbags reveling in their exclusive make-believe power, if there were real power to help your family and neighbors, bestowed by an all-loving, all-knowing, all-powerful God, why would He withhold it because of gender or race, or sexual orientation for that matter? Why should a woman have to beg a man to bless her sick child, hoping one is available and that the one she picks is genuinely worthy at the time of need? Better dress modestly, lest an unclean thought put a sheath on the mighty power he wields. What if the man couldn’t make it in a timely fashion and the child died? Is this simply God’s will, that women be powerless to help their own child, perhaps as a lesson in humility?!?
    The whole thing seems just silly, and time and time again, the statistics agree.

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