The Wyoming girl Within


The Fam hit up the local county fair yesterday. It was SO much fun! It reminded me of so many good moments growing up in a small town, where the county fair was pretty much the highlight of the year. As we were driving there looking for the fair I blurted out, “oh, we’re getting close, there are some 4-H flags”–as if that were comprehensible English to the majority of the world. Ricardo looked at me like I was speaking Chinese 🙂 In the small town I grew up in most of the kids (not exaggerating much) showed animals at the county fair and lots of my friends would camp out for several days while they participated in these competitions. I showed my dog–who ironically won reserved grand champion in obedience and then ran off and peed on somebody’s car during that agility competition (let’s just say my sphere of control over that dog was limited, haha). But I have lots of fun memories of county fair–from competing, to watching my sister and friends compete, to being with family and friends there, to going on dates there, to seeing the animals, and all the memories that go with all these things, Watching my little sister ride in English riding competitions is one of my favorite memories. I also remember going there as young women and young men (church youth group) one year and having a great time 🙂 I remember the time my older sister went on a date there and got thrown up on by a friend who was above her on the Farris wheel. I found the whole fair scene kind of romantic–albeit a little gross with the carneys and vomit and such. But even yesterday, when I stopped and got an ice cream sunday from some woman who used her hands to make the whole dish and never put on gloves, it just made me smile because that’s what fair is all about–a little gross, mixed with a little romantic, blended together by a whole lot of fun 🙂 And it was just such a blast to finally get to share that with my husband and son 🙂

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3 Responses to The Wyoming girl Within

  1. Jennifer says:

    yup…I get it!

  2. Chelsea says:

    Aww… I love that you loved watching me 🙂 And we went to the fair last weekend too!

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