Little Moments

Sometimes I just don’t want my baby to grow up–sometimes I’m excited for the things maturity will bring, like sleeping for a whole night straight–but sometimes I just don’t want him to grow up. One of my favorite things I will really miss is feeding him before he goes to sleep. He is usually the most relaxed at this point, so instead of crying and getting frustrated like he sometimes does he will just calmly eat and stroke my arm or put his little hand on my breast. It’s hard to describe exactly how it feels to have my child snuggle up to me and touch me so tenderly as I’m feeding him, but I know that someday it’s going to be different. And when I realize that, I don’t want him to grow up, just stay little. Now I understand why my dad wanted me to promise to never grow up. Life just goes too fast! I’ve got to enjoy these little moments 🙂 I just hope I won’t forget them!

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2 Responses to Little Moments

  1. Chelsea says:

    I think we all as parents feel that way. I remember a good friend of my family telling me right after Grant was born that when she had her first son she thought, “I can’t love him more than I do right now, I’m just so in love!” And she said her older friends told her trust me it grows. Now her son is in his late thirties and she said she can honestly say she loves him now more than she ever thought was possible. When she first told me that I remember thinking “well, I am completely in love with this little bundle so I’m not so sure” and guess what, she is right. My little guy is older now and while every phase in his life makes me think “don’t grow up, stay little you’re perfect!” I have also realized that it is so amazing to watch him become a little person and see how his little mind works! Each phase there are amazing things, and hard things, but the best part is you really do realize that the older they get the more your love grows with them. I hope I am still saying this when he is a teenager (lol jk).

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