Andrew Update

So the last couple days Andrew has started realizing that I am “mama”. He now says mama pretty much whenever he needs something from me, haha. It is incredibly adorable, and almost completely impossible to resist. He may be a little spoiled, but I love that little guy! He also has started to take a bottle and a sippy cup a little bit (finally). He has two little teeth on the bottom now, both of which came in just before he turned 9 months old. And he has started getting the hand-eye coordination down and now can throw Lady’s toys, which he finds hilarious (the other day when Ricardo and I picked him up from my friend who was baby sitting him so we could go on a date, he didn’t even react when he saw Ricardo and I, but when he saw Lady he let out a big, excited squeal). He isn’t big on moving, probably partially because he loves to sit up and play with toys so much that sometimes I just don’t want to put him on his tummy and make him miserable. But now we are working harder on trying to crawl, push himself up to sitting position, and cruise around the apartment.

These things probably are not all that exciting to you who are reading, but considering he is basically my full-time job I tend to get extra excited about his accomplishments. Plus, it is just amazing to watch a baby learn, especially when that child calls you Mama 🙂

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