Random, funny stories

So, the other day I was out walking my dogs, Allie and Lady. Well, Allie is obsessed with catching bugs (and cleaning herself incessantly). Well, she caught a firefly–or sort of caught a firefly; it got stuck on her nose. So the rest of the walk she would take a few steps, the firefly would light up, and then she would freak out, jump back and forth, and practically do back flips trying to get the firefly. This went on for about ten minutes before she realized it was stuck in her hair. Haha.

Other funny story. I went to give Andrew a bath the other day and I didn’t realize he had pooped (turns out I have my dad’s genes for a poor sense of smell). Well, in my haste, I ripped off his diaper quickly and a large, plum sized glob of poop went flying across the room and landed on a pile on the floor. And we both had a good laugh.

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