Big Issues

Originally, when Ricardo left the church, he left based on Mormon History issues and few social justice issues surrounding the Mormon church. But by a few months later he no longer even was looking into Mormon issues because he realized that, in his view, Christianity was wrong and so was every other religion. After researching the Bible he felt like there was no way the Bible was a divine book and it was impossible Christ was who the bible says he was. At that point, he thought it was pointless to worry about the details of Mormon history, since if the foundation of Mormonism–Christ–was not true, then what’s the point of investigating the rest of it. If the Bible is wrong, and the whole idea of Christ is wrong, then obviously Mormonism is wrong. And before you scoff at him, read the arguments (I’ll talk about a lot of them here).

He has a point.

So, sooner or later I also need to tackle the big issues. It’s not just Mormonism I’m confused about, it’s Christianity, and it’s religion all together. Just thought I would throw that out there.

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