Oil and Water

So, my home life and Mormon world collided for a moment tonight when my bishop came over to meet my husband. The unexpected effect of all this: I was the one who was on pins and needles. I think I have gotten pretty good at letting go of the control as far as not trying to control Ricardo anymore. He is happier this way and so am I. Plus, he’s an adult.

But not tonight. Tonight I treated him like a child. I’m feeling guilty, can you tell? No, it wasn’t all that bad, but I kept editing Ricardo. Like he said his favorite author was Hitchins and immediately I was like, “but isn’t it actually James Rollins”, since Hitchins is an Athiest writer and, heaven forbid, Ricardo should launch into a rant about agnosticism with my Bishop (I’m being sarcastic, or am I?). Then the bishop asked us where me met and we told him, BYU. I said I loved it and Ricardo hated it. The bishop asked RIcardo why he hated it. Ricardo didn’t even get 5 words out before I started editing him and talking all over him.

Wow I was bad tonight! I totally lost my cool! I suppose I was worried that one or the other of them was going to offend the other person and it was going to be all out war. The truth was, they were totally cool with whatever and I was the one losing it. Who would’ve known?

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